4CastPro has been designed from the ground up to be a construction industry costing tool. Think of it as the extra project manager on your team!

  • Identify potential cost overruns
  • Rely on your data
  • Get consolidated management information at the touch of a button
  • Monitor and manage variations


For construction companies, large or small, every project has to be managed so that you:

  • Have real time easily accessible information about each project
  • Can see actual and forecast costs against budget
  • Know you have paid every subcontractor correctly and how much retention you are holding
  • Can manage head contract and subcontract variations with confidence

Most of all, you need to know at all times whether the project is properly profitable.

4CastPro is the answer to all of this!


  • Easy to use, with minimal training required and intuitive information entry by project managers.
  • Scalable, from a small contractor with projects starting at under a million dollars, to large national companies with projects throughout Australia and overseas.
  • Flexible, so that construction companies can use 4CastPro as a tool within their business without having to change everything they do.


Construction projects totalling over 30 billion dollars have been successfully managed through 4CastPro !