How does 4CastPro work ?

4CastPro uses a sophisticated database platform that is paired with a user-friendly interface that allows for quick and easy entry of details and numbers, and fast display of status screens and reports. The database is hosted on a central server (either yours or ours) and users simply log on to the server when they open the 4CastPro application on their computer.

Using industry-leading design, 4Cast Pro provides a real-time summary at any time about the financial status of a project, and projections about cost-to-complete..

How much training is required ?

4CastPro has been designed to be easy to use. If you can use a computer and a mouse, you can use 4CastPro! Complete online user documentation is provided.

For Project Managers, using 4Cast Pro follows the steps that you would normally take in setting up and monitoring a project, so we suggest that most users can be quite competent with using 4CastPro with about 4 hours of training.

How much does 4CastPro cost ?

Pricing of 4CastPro can be tailored to any size and type of construction organisation. For some, a simple cost per user per month is the most suitable, while for others a defined percentage cost of each project makes it easy to cost each project.

Further pricing information is available from our sales team - just
contact us for more information.

What computer system do we need ?

As a fully multi-platform system, the 4CastPro application can be used on any Windows or MacOS computer that has access to the network.

If you choose to host 4CastPro in your own networked system, then you will need a server that is capable of supporting the number of users that you are licensed for - in general we suggest that a dedicated 4CastPro network server is preferable.

Alternatively, you can choose to use 4CastPro using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) from our hosted servers.

How many users can 4CastPro handle ?

The short answer is “any number you like”. We have clients who have only two or three users, and we have clients who have hundreds of users.

How is support provided ?

As well as comprehensive online user documentation, 4CastPro offers a complete online support system in which the knowledge base can be searched, and issues/errors can be logged with our support team. Depending on the level of support that you choose, and the urgency of the issue, support issues are addressed between 2 hours and 2 days.

Can 4CastPro be used outside Australia ?

Yes! 4CastPro is successfully used in other countries including USA, Puerto Rico and China. Administration settings make it easy to configure language input, local tax rates and other variables. For construction companies with management in one country (such as Australia) but with projects or operations in other countries, 4CastPro is the perfect tool to track and manage all of the project costs - in real time - wherever those projects might be.