Made in Australia

Over the past 20 years, 4Cast has built its world-class construction cost management system in conjunction with leading builders in Australia, both large and not-so-large.

We know from experience that the 4CastPro system will transform your project management so that you can control all costs - right through from the tender stage to final completion and releases of those last sub-contractor retentions.

Not an accounting system

4CastPro has been designed from the ground up to be a construction industry costing tool. Think of it as the extra project manager on your team.

So we are not just an add-on module to an accounting system that you need to buy as well. Instead, 4CastPro does best-of-breed building cost control, and integrates with whichever accounting system you already have. That means complete sharing of payments, costs and approvals.

Robust technology

4CastPro can be used in any configuration ranging from single-user on one computer to a distributed server or cloud-based solution with hundreds of users.

We are platform agnostic: 4CastPro works on Windows and Mac PC’s, with tablet and web-based functionality under development and due soon.

You can host 4CastPro on your own servers or across the cloud on our own secure hosted servers. Either way, 4CastPro is fast, secure and stable.

Who we are

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we have been developing and refining 4Cast and now 4CastPro for over 15 years. 4Cast's mission is to provide powerful, high quality and flexible project management tools.

Our Technology Director, Chris Curnow, has worked closely with project managers in sites across Australia and internationally. We are proud to bring you the product you see today — a powerful and comprehensive project management tool.

Chris brings twenty years experience in IT and management consulting to the company having worked with some of Australia's largest corporates.

Our ABN is 53 107 697 236