The company. Our core values. Our beliefs. Our industry.

Latest technology

Part of our DNA is to always use the latest and best development tools and technology.  We use robust, secure, industry-standard platforms.

Unique Experience

We have developed 4Cast Pro in conjunction with leading construction companies, both large and small.

‘As Required’ Pricing

Easy to understand flexible pricing options – change up or down online!  Enterprise pricing arrangements are also available.

Ethical Standards

We say what we do and do what we say – always.  And we understand that people – yours and ours – are the key to making a successful digital transformation.

60 Years Experience

Our directors have a combined 60 years’ experience in information technology systems and solutions

Great Support

Support is provided online as part of your subscription, with customised support also available.

Lean Construction

4Cast understands and complements the principles of Lean Construction, which is being introduced into many more construction businesses and focuses on making workflow more reliable.


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a paradigm increasingly being addressed by large construction and engineering companies, and is a component of Lean Construction.  4Cast Pro provides API’s to share information with BIM applications.

Innovation in your business

Time savings in both implementation and usage are both important if you are to make your project managers and admin staff feel happy and comfortable.  With 4Cast Pro, the benefits of making change to add value will be loved by all.

Based in Melbourne Australia, 4Cast Pty Ltd first released 4Cast nearly 20 years ago.  Since then there has been a continuous program of development, culminating in the 2019 launch of our new product: 4Cast Pro. We recognised that powerful, beautiful and easy-to-use online applications served within the internet cloud are the best solution for the 21st century, so we made 4Cast Pro.

Founder and Chief Technical Officer
Chris Curnow

Marketing Director
Michael Smart
Finance Director
Rachel Robertson