Your project’s success depends on how well you manage your subcontractors

In most building projects, whether large or small, subcontractors are an essential component. How well you manage your subcontractors significantly influences the quality of your project and thus satisfaction of the client.  Importantly, it also determines the profitability (or not) of the project to you, the builder. Through our many years of involvement with the construction industry, 4Cast knows just how important subcontractor management is.

We also know how quickly subcontractor conditions can change: variations, progress payment based on performance, reallocations of budget items, retentions of payment as subcontractors finish their tasks…

Here’s how 4Cast Pro manages your subcontractors:

When you start a project in 4Cast Pro, the first thing to do is enter details of the subcontractors you are likely to use for the project.  Once entered, those details are available for use in this and any other project by you or any other 4Cast Pro user in your business.

[Screenshot here]

Your project will have had cost codes set up for it.  For each cost code, you can assign a subcontractor to it, complete with projected budget, timeframes and more.

[screenshot here]

As the project proceeds, you can enter details against each subcontractor as claims come in, and you can also monitor variations and reallocations accordingly.

[screenshot here]

Great for you

You don’t need anything other than your desktop or laptop computer, or tablet/iPad, and an internet connection. Our beautiful application doesn’t need any loading or maintenance; it all happens in the cloud.  Accurately, securely, and easily.

4Cast Pro manages all of this in an easy-to-use quick-entry application that lives and breathes the project with you.